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Jeff Randall's Christmas Dinner

December 21, 2011

TX: Thursday 22nd December at 7:30pm - 8pm

Jeff Randall’s annual Christmas dinner programme airs tonight on Sky News at 7.30pm. He is joined by Sir Philip Hampton, Chairman, RBS, Justin King, CEO, Sainsbury’s and Alison Cooper, CEO, Imperial Tobacco.

Any quotes used must source Sky News and Jeff Randall.

Key news lines include:

Sir Philip Hampton on the Eurozone in 2012


PH: "I think it’s likely that one country, a small country will drop out.  It could be any of them because I think that some of these things will be driven by political events as much as by economic circumstances and social unrest and all of those sorts of things but I think there is a very good chance that one country will fall out."

He goes on to say it would have a big impact on Europe's entire banking system.  

PH: that’s something that would produce massive strains around the banking system immediately and certainly at the more extreme levels of that you would get a wave of recapitalisations of banks by governments throughout Europe."

Sir Philip Hampton admitting Britain’s banks have yet to be fixed

Are you now comfortable with how we run our banks?  Do you go to bed at night still thinking this could all go horribly wrong?

PH: I don't think the system has been fixed.  I think it is very much on the mend.  UK banks, there is a ghoulish expression used in the City that the British banks are the best looking horse in the glue factory or the best looking pig in the slaughterhouse, all those sorts of things

Sir Philip Hampton predicts the French people will march in protest at the austerity measures proved by the Eurozone debt crisis

PH: I’m amazed that the French have been so subdued, I don’t think it will continue so I think they will be on the streets during the course of 2012.

Justin King on the state of the High Street

JK: and ultimately lots of charity shops potentially undermines vibrant new small businesses starting up so I don't think we should assume that they are necessarily they are a benign force."

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