Alastair Bruce, OBE
Alastair Bruce

Professor Alastair Bruce, OBE, is Sky News’ Royal, Religious and Constitutional Affairs Commentator. He has worked for Sky News for 21 years and has commentated on most big events, including the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, the Royal Wedding, the Papal Visit in 2010, the funerals of the Queen Mother, Diana, Princess of Wales and Lady Thatcher. 

Alastair also works in film and TV, recently working as Historical Advisor to Oscar winning films, like The King's Speech and The Young Victoria. He filled the same role for all five series of Downton Abbey. He has written many books, including The Oldest, published in October 2005. The 3rd Edition of his book Keepers of the Kingdom was published in 2012.  He has worked with several independent production companies in the preparation of TV documentaries which are regularly aired on Public Broadcasting, Discovery and A&E channels. Among these are Nicholas and Alexandra, Victoria and Albert and Days of Majesty.

In 1998, The Queen appointed Alastair as one of her heralds, in the appointment called Fitzalan Pursuivant of Arms Extraordinary, with some responsibility for the heraldry of Britain and its Royal Family. He also offers advice on how the nation should ‘celebrate’ itself. Alastair has been one of The Queen’s Body Guard in Scotland, the ‘Royal Company of Archers’, since 1990.

Alastair was a regular soldier for four years, seeing active service with the 2nd Battalion, Scots Guards in the Falklands War of 1982. He is still a reserve officer, serving as the Colonel responsible for Reservists in London. In 2004 he took command of a reserve unit, the Media Operations Group, which handled the media representation of military activity. That same year, he completed his period of mobilised service on active operations in Iraq, serving in Operation TELIC. He will be appointed Assistant Commander of the 3rd UK Division in January 2015, in the rank of Brigadier.

Alastair has lectured widely in Britain, Europe and the United States. His subjects range from the last Tsars of Russia to Britain’s monarchy and the Vatican in Rome. In 2011, the University of Winchester appointed him Honorary Professor of Media.

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