Robert Nisbet
Robert Nisbet

Robert is Europe Correspondent, based in Sky News' Brussels bureau.

Since taking up the role in July 2011, he has been busy tracking the economic crisis in the Eurozone, with reports from Greece, Spain, Germany, Italy and France. He also has covered the trial of the mass killer Anders Breivik in Norway, the school shootings and subsequent siege in Toulouse as well as the conviction of the former Liberian president Charles Taylor at a special court in The Hague.

Before arriving in Brussels, Robert was based in Washington where he covered the historic Presidential election race in 2008 interviewing Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Rudy Giuliani. He broadcast live from the crowds thronging Pennsylvania Avenue to watch President Obama's inauguration. He also spent several months reporting on the death of Michael Jackson in Los Angeles. His posting to the US took him to 30 states, as well as further afield: Haiti on the aftermath of the terrible earthquake, to Iceland where his team filmed a report closer to the erupting volcano than any other news crew and to Chile where he presented several hours of Sky's coverage as the trapped miners were successfully brought to the surface.  Robert was also on air as the news of Osama bin Laden's death was announced, updating viewers as details swiftly emerged about the mission.  

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