Mark Stone
Mark Stone

Mark Stone is Sky News' Asia correspondent. Mark joined Sky as a producer in 2005 and switched to reporting in 2007. He was a News Correspondent in London before moving to his current position in 2012.
He has covered a huge variety of stories with Sky including the conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, the ethnic clashes in Burma and the riots in London.

In July 2013, he and his team travelled to North Korea as part of a select group of journalists granted access to the reclusive country. Their coverage included the first ever live international broadcasts from locations around the capital Pyongyang.

In 2011 Mark spent 6 weeks reporting extensively from Libya on the uprising, the subsequent Nato intervention and the death of Muammar Gaddafi.

Mark was among the first UK journalists to ‘embed’ with the British Army in Afghanistan's Helmand Province in July 2006. He was the first journalist with an eyewitness report from inside the terminal of Glasgow Airport following the terrorist attack in June 2007. He met Alexander Litvinenko in London, two weeks before the former KGB spy was poisoned. He covered Mr. Litvinenko’s death and its wider implications in detail.
Mark played a central role in Sky’s coverage of the London riots in August 2011. Using just an iPhone, he captured some of the most striking footage of the night. His confrontations with looters in Clapham, South London engaged viewers and the impact of his work was immediate: his footage led bulletins on Sky and it was used by rival TV networks across the globe. Online, Mark’s footage was trending on Twitter within an hour of it being filmed. Within 24 hours his videos had been viewed by nearly a million people online. Mark was nominated and shortlisted for an award by the Royal Television Society for his innovative coverage of the riots.
Mark is one of just a handful of journalists to sit through almost every session of Britain's Iraq Inquiry giving him an extensive knowledge of the war in Iraq and the decisions behind it.
Before joining Sky, Mark spent three years as a producer for America’s ABC News. He was based in Baghdad, Iraq for a year between 2003 and 2004. He covered the capture of Saddam Hussein, the insurgency that followed and was part of a small team who were awarded an Emmy for their coverage of the war.
Mark and his wife Millie live in Beijing, China.
Twitter: @stone_skynews

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